Masters - Point Chevalier Rugby League

Masters of Rugby League was formed for semi-retired and non-competitive players and officials to showcase their skills and abilities on the field without the risk of serious injury.

The objective is to enjoy the game but still be able to get out of bed the next morning and go to work.

Every game in Masters of Rugby League ends in a draw no matter how many tries are scored, the emphasis is on skills and not points.



Players in the game of Masters can be identified by the different coloured shorts they wear, each represents the following age groups:

  • 35-39 year old white shorts,
  • 40-49 year old black shorts,
  • 50-59 year old red shorts,
  • 60 plus gold shorts with tags.

Games are played 25 minutes each way and are played with modified rules to ensure there are no serious injuries.

The Pt. Chevalier Pirates have been playing Masters Rugby League in New Zealand and Australia for over 13 years. This has included an annual tournament at the end of each regular season. These tournaments have included over 30 teams and have been held on both sides of the Tasman.

The Pt. Chevalier Pirates are one of the original Masters Teams who attended the first Masters game ever and have continued to attend every tournament since then. The team consists of former players from Pt. Chevalier Pirates who played in their younger days.

For more information check out the Masters of Rugby League website or contact Fred McGregor (after hours) on 836 0417.